Today Show And Steve Liebmann

Went on the Today Show and showcased a few gadgets. First up was the Motorola handset with the Motoblur feature, which collates all your social networking apps in one go, so they stream through in real time on your touchscreen. A handy tool if you are a social networking freak and love to be in constant contact with your friends.

Then we had the, which is Sony’s new music download website whereby you can take out various plans and download MP3 files. The company claims that it has over 3 million songs from most major labels. There are various price plans depending on how much music you wish to download.

Had a lot of fun with HP’s washable keyboard as we dipped it in water and typed with it to show how it worked. Worked a treat, and if you’re like me with young kids, it certainly stop wet spillages from destroying the keyboard. The guts of the unit are sealed in a watertight membrane so as to keep water out.

I also showcased the Motoblur and keyboard on Steve Liebmann’s radio show this morning along with an array of questions.

Jeff wanted to know if he could set up his VHS recorder to his new HD TV. Unfortunately when analogue and digital technologies collide it’s a no-go. Jeff will have to by a DVD recorder or PVR if he wants to record his favourite television shows or watch a movie.

Paul was annoyed that his neighbour can get ADSL 2 broadband, but he can’t, although he can pick up his neighbours’ wi-fi. Although I did recommend to Paul that he can get a router and pick up his neighbour’s broadband, he needs to check terms and conditions because some providers specifically state that you can’t do it. I can sympathise with his plight, though.

Jean was keen to get a cheap plan with quick internet speed. I think she should be able to find a plan for between $30-$40 and about 3GB of data allowance.

Lucky Jo won a Sony prize pack including an LCD TV, blu ray player, PS3, Viao laptop and camcorder. She wanted to know if it easy to set up, and these days, it’s all pretty straight forward. Certainly better than spending the $300 she was thinking of doing to get it all up and running. She also asked about Play TV and Foxtel IQ – which was better. Play TV only allows you to record free-to-air content, so I’d stick with the IQ.

Finally, there was Lou who wanted to know the difference between a PVR and DVD recorder. A PVR has a lot more storage capacity, but a DVD recorder means you can play back your own home movies if you burn them to DVD.