Gadgets For Today Show July 10

Had a great time on the Today Show with Karl showing him some of the latest technologies out there.

We looked at Panasonic’s Skype-enabled Neo-Plasma televisions whereby you can talk to friends and family using the company’s Viera Cast technology. You can also show off HD films and pictures of your family. I think in the near future you will have an HD, all-in-one PC with telephone capabilities via VoIP.

We also looked at the latest Garmin GPS, the 3790T, which is not only a stylish unit, but allows you to use your voice to set directions. With the police very hot under the collar when it comes to using mobile phones or setting a GPS, voice activated directions could save you time and money. Garmin also says the unit can be put in your back pocket, so is seen as a portable unit, too.

One of my favourite gadgets of the moment is Samsung’s Galaxy S smartphone. Why? Well, for a start is the Swype technology, which is the newer, faster way to SMS and email (truly the WOW factor with this unit) – it is especially good for those who have ‘clunky’ fingers when texting. It also has a tonne of functions – being an Android phone there are more than 50,000 applications to chose from.

Finally, there was the ASUS NX90 laptop with Bang & Olufsen Speakers, which is more a show stopper than a practical laptop PC. For a start it is pretty cumbersome to walk around with, but in saying that ASUS is aiming for hte top echelon of PC users.  And why wouldn’t they, with a sound system that would put some home stereos to shame. You don’t get much change out of $3,000 for the unit, but you certainly get a talking point when in meetings!