2UE Plus the Garmin GPS



Spoke with Steve about the Brand new Garmin GPS unit that is being launched. Like a lot of listeners I occasionally want to throw my GPS out the window because of direction issues, but this new device allows you to voice input your destination. What I really like about is how intuitive the touchscreen, and how light and thin it is, too..

Steve was scammed when somebody hacked into his email account, which sent out a scam email, and I received it. Scams are built around events such as tax time, an earthquake where charities are collecting money or the FIFA world cups. It only takes them a day to set up a website and they are up and running. Fifty percent of protecting yourself is to get an online security software solution – the other 50 percent is common sense.

Had a few calls today including Ross, who wanted to know about iPads and other similar units that will be available and whether it was worth waiting. HP will soon be bringing one out, and I reckon they’ll use the O/S from the Palm smartphones, as the former has recently bought out the latter. That aside, I think it is worth waiting to see what else is going to be available, because there will be a huge choice soon.  He also wanted to know if it is was worth spending extra money on 3G? In a nutshell, yes. 3G enables allows you to roam anywhere there is a 3G tower instead of being tied to home. Prices of data are quite cheap.

Chris almost got scammed when he was contacted by ‘Facebook’ and sent a new ‘password’. Rightfully, he totally ignored them and carried on using his own password.

Dennis wanted a new monitor for his computer. He was looking at Asus and Acer, which do have great monitors. There is also BENQ, which will give him a 24-inch monitor for about $300 and meet the specifications he was after with regard to resolution.

Keith. Digital cameras. Pentax, Canon or Nikon. HD video is on the SLR’s is great. Looked at a Nikon It is phenomenal, and had the anti-shake on it so goes really smooth. Almost putting away the handycam. Look at Nikon and Canon. NX10 from Samsung is a hybrid

Gavin was asked if he wanted to upgrade to iTunes 4 using his iPhone 3. Do not upgrade as it will not be compatible, as Steve Liebmann found out to his detriment.

Lindsay wanted to know if he could use his iPhone roaming overseas.  It will be extremely expensive to use it overseas and you can get stung financially if you don’t switch off your data roaming. If you are overseas, hang  out a lot of Maccs for their free wifi.

Caesar has an old email that he hasn’t used for six years and now a spammer is using the account. There is not much he can do about the spamming except delete the account. As he never uses it, that is probably not going to be a problem.

Finally, Andrea wanted to know about her Windows media player, which seemed to no longer display the whole library, but just a single song. In that past she was able to look at the library and see all her songs loaded on there. Now, our library it brings them up as a list and brings up one album at a time. Andrea needs to either rebuild the library like here or take these steps