3D FujiPix Camera System

Talked to Steve about the Fujifilm FinePix Real 3D System allows you to capture and view and digital photos in a 3D format. Fujifilm claims its latest offering in the camera space offers Realistic 3D stills and movies – without the need to wear special 3D glasses.

The company’s newly developed the FinePix Real3D W1 Lens System, incorporates two Fujinon lenses that enable two images to be layered together to achieve a natural 3D image. An aluminium die-cast frame has been used to protect the lenses from vibration and impact.

Standard 2D photographs can also be captured on the unit, which offers fun new possibilities in 2D photography. The advanced 2D mode enables the capture of two different shots of the same scene simultaneously by pressing the shutter once, while with tele/wide simultaneous shooting it is possible to capture a close-up photo of the subject and at the same time a photo with a wider span, just by changing the settings of the two lenses.

Had a heap of telephones calls including one from Herbert who is thinking of getting a digital radio and wanted to know if it was any better than the analogue radio. It will sound better, plus you will have a lot more channels to chose from.

Terry was having problems with his computer in that every time he tries to email from a Website link it will default Outlook, which he doesn’t use. He can try and uninstall outlook, or just copy the email address of the webpage and put it into hotmail or gmail acocunt .

Sunil’s computer keeps on rebooting itself. It has Windows 7 installed but he is sure that is not the problem. The computer is a cloned model and usually it is one of two things that is the power supply, or the motherboard that is the problem. If it is the power supply the whole machine shuts down. While with the motherboard it just flicks on and off. It is happening at a hardware level, he might need to replace the part, so I would advise he sees a technician.

Amanda was asking about getting a new Nokia mobile phone.  I suggested either the Nokia E72 or the N97 mini depending on what she wants it for. The mini is like an iPhone – ie, is a smartphone, while the E72 doesn’t have the same volume of functionality but is a little cheaper. An N97 is a bit smaller and funky looking, while the E72 is more generic but you can get by with your music, browsing and email.

Lee wanted to know of the release date of the iPhone 4. I think it will be by the end of July. None of the carriers are allowed to release the price locally by Apple. It should not be any more experience than the latest problem. Steve asked if the antenna problem has not been solved yet in the US with the iPhone 4 – as far as I’m aware it hasn’t.

John was asking about digital 3D televisions and the ability to show 2D photos in 3D. There doesn’t seem to be any open standard available yet, but Ray called afterwards and is a 3D photographer. He said it is possible to view the 3D photographs on the television. He said there are a number of ways to do it by using a USB stick or SD card, side-by-side jpeg image but they need to be formatted in a particular way.

Frank was talking about digital television and how some of the channels have disappeared. Some of the channels were trials and they were playing around with different spectrums with different groups.  You’re also seeing channels coming on board such as the local Sydney community channel. Go to the ACMA website with info on the subject.

Peter has a Samsung 55-inch flat screen TV and his hearing is not good. He wanted to know about available earphones. I suggested he should get some Sennheiser wireless units, which, while a little pricey, offer up excellent sound and have top-notch engineering so will also last a while.