Today Show December 7

Clip courtesy of the The Today Show

As you’ll see, had a lot of fun on the Today Show this morning with a range of gadgets that Karl found interesting. You could tell he was excited but the Star Wars Wii attachment, which turns the Wii remote into a light sabre (and is used for the Wii Star Wars games). You can battle friends using the remote and it comes in at a cost of $39.95. It is available at JB Hi Fi, K-Mart and Big W stores.

We also talked again about the dual LCD camera from Samsung. I really like this product, which is why it has appeared on several shows and the radio. As well as a display at the back of the camera, there is a smaller LCD display at the front where you look at the picture being taken. The smaller one at the front is so the person who is having their picture taken can also see what they look like. It is designed for people who are into social networking and like putting up pictures. The front LCD can also run little cartoons so kids will smile when having their photo taken. It comes at a cost of $449.

Remember the days of the whistling key finder? Now wireless technology has gone a step forward with the new wireless key finder. Add a tag to your key-ring then leave the mother unit by your phone so you won’t lose it. You press a button on the mother unit to find your keys and the signal goes through walls, cushions, sofa’s etc. It has a distance of up to 30 metres and price of $64.95.

Finally there are a set of camera binoculars that you can get from dealsdirect for about $50. They can be used at the footie or cricket, however the camera is only 1.3 megapixels, so you can’t expect high quality. Still, and interesting gadget whereby the technology will increase over the next few years so you will probably have higher resolutions at a later date.