Today Show and 2UE With Steve Liebmann

Clip courtesy of the The Today Show and Nine News
Went on the Today Show this morning to discuss the most popular YouTube videos of the year with Richard Wilkins. There were a few good ones, but it was no surprise that Britain’s Got Talent’s Susan Boyle stole the show with over 100 million hits. See it here

Spoke with Steve about a couple of new gadgets that are out there in the marketplace. One is the Clocky, which is an alarm clock with wheels. It allows you to hit the snooze button once, then it takes off around the room and you have to catch it.

Then there is the Wii remote charger, which is going to be popular this Christmas because it can charge your Wii remote instead of having to replace batteries all the time. You will have to use rechargeable batteries of course, but this saves the hassle of not only your remote dying during that important stage of a game, but also lessens the impact on the environment by not having a tonne of dead batteries at the tip.

Phone calls included Antoinette who wanted to know the difference between LED and LCD televisions. At its most basic, an LED has better contrast and brighter picture. It will also have a higher price.

Todd was wondering why his Dell computer battery was running out so quickly. This is due to its battery memory getting lower. So what does this mean? Well, when you first buy your laptop it is recommended that you run the battery down and charge it up a few times so it knows how much charge it should have. Todd will probably have to buy a new battery.

Bob wanted to know if he could record what he had saved onto PVR onto a DVD. It depends on the brand, but by and large a PVR is not designed to do so, but with some you can, which I won’t go into here because it would take too long to explain and each brand is different.

Peter bought a set top box for his three-year old 50-inch Panasonic TV, and he now getting a high-pitched sound when he watches the Prime channel. Without seeing it, I wouldn’t like to say what is wrong with it exactly, but I’d suggest it is a set-top box problem and not a television problem.

Finally, Denise mentioned that her husband wants an MP3 player that he can use while he swims. There are a few devices out there – from a headset that sits firmly on your head, through to a little box that you can strap to your waist or arm, which is also very watertight.