Making The Most Of Memories

I love digital cameras. I love that a great digital camera, can feel like an extension of your life experience. You take it with you for the key parts of the journey. Your birthdays and holidays, all the good moments you want to remember. You hope that the camera will capture the memory and remind you later of how you felt when you were experiencing that moment, for the first time, for real.

When Nikon invited me over a month ago to see what they were planning for the year, they mentioned they had a great new campaign coming for Australia. I have known the Nikon Australia team for some time and have worked with them on a number of projects in the last couple of years. It was a standard meeting that I do with many tech companies to see what is on the radar. There was nothing normal about my reaction to their ads though. I looked at them and said, ‘wow, that is amazing’.

I’ve had some life moments happen in the last couple of months. So watching toddlers walk for the first time, and make cakes and all rest ofcourse hit an emotional nerve with me, like I am sure they would hit with you. However, I never thought that in that moment, I bring my digital camera along to capture it, so in the future it is there to remind me.

I didn’t realise the emotional connection we have, or should have, with our digital camera, until I saw some of the videos being roled out by Nikon. I know it’s an advertising campaign, and it is meant to make you want to buy cameras. I get that, but it still reminds me of how important a memory is, and how that memory is quickly lost unless you use a device that is able to best capture and recall it for the future.

Most recently, Canon got the ball rolling in the space with their ‘world of EOS’ campaign. However, Nikon have made the emotional connection for the common man, with their ‘I Am’ campaign. Whatever camera you buy remember, you are buying something to remind later in life of an experience that is near and dear to you. So take the time to choose wisely.

Happy watching –