2GB PayWave and BenQ Night Vision Camcorder

Spoke to Luke about the wireless printer I’m trialling at home, which didn’t quite work out as I like due to the review unit being minus its cable! So it took me three hours to hook it up without the cable.

I then spoke with Vipin Kalra, who is the Australia Country Manager for Visa and a new system they are rolling out in the near future called payWave. This system will allow you to pay for items by just waving your phone in front of a wireless EFTPOS machine. Your phone will have a little microSD card in your phone with a chip, or in the future, the chip will be built into the handset.

There are multiple security options according to Visa. Customers are protected by the Zero Liability clause that Visa offer, as well as there being a PIN or signing requirement for anything over $100. If you lose your phone, you just call your bank as you would if you lose your card and they will cancel the account. You can transfer your info between phones by using your microSD card.

The product of the week was the Benq DV S21 night vision camcorder, which, as the name suggest can shoot at night in Full HD 1080p. It offers 16 megapixel still images, a three-inch touch screen display for previews, dual SD storage slots, as well as dual power battery supply.