2GB – Talking Security With Symantec Plus TV Week Smart TV

Once again you guys came through with a lot of questions, both on air and via email – all of which I will answer eventually – so be patient folks.

Spoke to David Hall from Symantec who has a new tool called the Norton’s cybercrime index which will alert you to people who are trying to rip you off. It is updated daily about new scams that are out and about so it will keep you in the loop when they appear.

I think this is a brilliant idea, because, like you, I get my fair share of email scams coming in daily. Fortunately I have a sixth sense about these things, but also keep abreast of them because of my line of work. For those who are not tech-heads, this can be a little harder, so something like this is pretty easy to use.

You can either visit the site or download a widget from the website.

In the latest issue of TV Week I talked about the Jawbone Jambox, which is a portable speaker. I also wrote a double-page spread on Smart TVs, where I answered a lot of questions people had about the technology.