Today Show And TV Week – iPad 2

Spoke with Lisa about the much-anticipated arrival of the iPad 2. Some people waited up all night to get the unit. While is it is nice piece of gear, I’m not too sure I’d be that dedicated to get one.

Overall it is about 10 percent cheaper than the original, 33 percent thinner and about 15 percent lighter and has some new features such as dual cameras, and new apps such as Garageband.

There are 15 tablets launching in Australia this year, so I would advise you to look at the different models and find the right one for you when you go into the retail store.

There will probably not be enough for everyone initially as Apple likes to keep a tight rein on its products and my guess is they will run out of units within two weeks before ordering some more in.

Also gave a head’s up in the latest issue of TV Week as I compared the iPad with the latest iPad 2.