Life & Technology – 2GB 24th December, 2022

Dirty air – no problems

Whether it’s a problem of the 21st century or fossil fuel burning, we have many more hay fever, asthma and respiratory issues.

We wrote a guide to keeping your air clean. Breathe easy this spring. Read this before you buy an air purifier and know what to look for.
Here are some of the air purifiers we reviewed.

At the top of the Xmas tree should be the Dyson Heat+Cool air purifiers. The larger models will clean rooms over 80m3 and act as a fan and heater. There is even a Hot+Cool Formaldehyde killer model. From $799.
Dyson Purifier Hot+Cool Formaldehyde (HP09) – cures modern world problems. 9.3/10

Philips has a bladeless fan purifier that does up to 70m3 with new AI technology to use local Air Quality data and internal sensors to set the right fan speed for the job Philips Air Performer AMF765 air purifier with a fan. 8.7/10
While on Philips, its traditional air purifiers offer excellent value, including the 1000i-series (5x6m medium rooms), 2000i-series (6x6m large rooms) and 3000i-series for even bigger 6 x 7m rooms. This review covers the range –  Philips AC1715 clean air for all sizes of homes. 8.7/10
If you want something extra like Ultraviolet germ killing, the TruSens range covers from small to larger 70m2 rooms – TruSens Z-3000 is a germ-killing. 8.6/10

Samsung has the new Bespoke Cube series that covers from 34m2 (5x7m) to 90m2 (9x10m). Samsung Bespoke Cube AX70 – bold and beautiful. 9/10.

Mitsubishi has an interesting self-cleaning pre-filter and intelligence to find dirty air pockets, and it is made in Japan too. Mitsubishi MA-E85R-A. 8.4/10

De’Longhi adds a dehumidifier to the air purifier, which comes in different room sizes. We asked the question do you need a dehumidifier and the answer was only if you have high humidity and mould issues. De’Longhi DDSX220WF-WH Tasciugo AriaDry. It scored 7.4/10 mainly because dehumidifiers chew electricity, and we feel a dedicated dehumidifier may offer better amenity and value.

ACCC Says No To TPG/Telstra Regional Tie Up

The ACCC has been deciding whether Telstra and TPG (Vodafone) should be allowed to have a mobile network sharing arrangement in regional Australia.

It would mean, you take ALL the Telstra and Vodafone towers in regional Aus, remove the ones where there is duplicate coverage (two towers in one location) and let customers that subscribe to both companies use this new network. Its a bit more complicated than that, but you get the gist of the suggestion.

The benefit? Better regional coverage in the bush. Even better than the current Telstra network now. But there is more benefits here. Some of the cheapest phone plans are available by sim card resellers of the Vodafone network (think Kogan mobile and tpg telecom). These services give customers access to the Vodafone network at the lowest cost. The problem is that while Vodafone regional coverage is rubbish (we just drove from Sunshine Coast to Sydney – its pretty bad between Byron and Grafton, then bad again Coffs to one hour north of Newcastle) so customers in regional Australia don’t buy them because the service is not as good as the Telstra network (that costs more to access).

So customers in the bush pay more as they stay with Telstra.

Now its no secret that since the merger of Vodafone and TPG, the new company needs to earn a profit (in short, it’s basically not – at least not from selling mobile sim plans!!!) and the new company decided to form a network sharing agreement with Telstra for regional Australia. It meant less Vodafone customers (and their resellers) could access the Telstra network in the bush (which is the best one) on their Voda network accessing sim.

It would also have meant that a customer (like me) who has Vodafone and enjoys their $5 a day international roaming would have also had the benefit of accessing Australia’s best regional network, but at the lower price that Vodafone is offering today.

BUT ACCC says ‘NO’. So customers in the bush need to keep using Telstra – Optus gets the biggest Christmas present since a hacker decided to only release 10k stolen data records and we all get to hear about it a week before Christmas when we are not really thinking about stupid decisions made by Government departments.

One might suggest that as soon as Vodafone gets access to a better regional mobile network they could pump up their prices. Maybe. Maybe. But there is still Optus out there offering good plans and if Vodafone bump up their rates it would be ‘see ya’ to an alternate provider.

Also, satellite is just around the corner. The idea your phone will be able to talk to a satellite provider in the next few years. So, would it not be a good idea to sure up the first part of the mobile network that will be less commercially viable once customers from the city can begin regional roaming on satellite? It appears not.

Its nuts and I don’t get it.

Last chance to buy your Christmas presents, we invited Mitchell Whitaker Director from Harvey Norman New Castle and shared some great deals you can still catch at Harvey Norman. Run….NOW! 

We also invited a great friend of the show, Alex Choros Managing Editor Whistleout who talked about some of his Best Tech of 2022. 

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