Life & Technology – 2GB 7th January, 2023

I am still at Las Vegas at the moment attending the CES 2023, after 2 years away!
Lots and lots of great tech here and I’ve got 2 of the brands with their brand new TV ranges for 2023. 

Had a talk with Jason Carrick Sales General Manager TCL Australia who talked us through their mini LED range and what’s in store for 2023. 

Mini-LED is the new black (well, almost)

Most TV makers have declared that mini-LED is the staple of their 2023 offerings. This leaves the lower-cost Edge-lit, Back-lit and Direct-lit LED/LCD market to generic suppliers.

In part, it is recognition that Mini-LED coupled with Quantum Dots (QLED, ULED, NanoCell, QNED etc.) offers a bright, colourful picture at a value price. No, mini-LED is not as good as OLED or QD-OLED, but for the average Aussie home, it is damned good. READ MORE…

TCL at CES 2023

We also spoke with Christopher Mayer Regional Training Manager Hisense ANZ, and shared their 2023 range. 

2023 U6 and U7 ULED Range: Mini-LED for the masses

The range includes models from 55- to 98-inch. These have fewer mini-LEDs and dimming zones. They all support IMAX Enhanced, Dolby Vision IQ and HDR10+ adaptive viewing and AI Sports Mode. 

The panels will support 144Hz (PC gaming only). In addition, it has Variable Refresh Rate (VRR), AMD FreeSync Premium, Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) and HDMI 2.1. READ MORE..

Hisense at CES 2023

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