Life & Technology – 2GB 17th December, 2022

Pano AI is a disaster preparedness technology provider and the first company in Australia to offer a 24/7 fully integrated active bushfire detection solution. It uses satellites, ultra HD 360 degree panoramic cameras, and artificial intelligence to help fire authorities and companies identify and extinguish new ignitions before they become a threat, safeguarding lives, communities, and the environment.

We invited Andrew Prolov, Head of Australia GTM from Pano AI who discussed about this amazing technology. 

Last week at CybershackTV, we featured the Dyson Gen 5 Vacuum. We decided to invite them today to discuss the newest technology on their Gen5 range. 

The Gen5detect packs a lot of power into a small package – weighing just 3.5 kg it’s easy to use around the house, but delivers the most powerful suction in a Dyson stick vacuum yet. Advanced whole-machine HEPA filtration ensures dust particles stay trapped inside the machine.

First Impression – yes, it is a Dyson – Pass+

Dyson Cyclone stick vacuum cleaners have remained the same in the overall concept since the V7 (or even earlier). The V10 changed the cyclone barrel orientation from vertical to in-line for better weight distribution. The increase in weight to 3.5kg is mainly from the larger battery and integrated crevice tool.  READ MORE..

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