Life & Technology – 2GB 1st October, 2022

With the recent fiasco on Optus’ security breach, we invited Tim Falinski VP, Consumer Business, AMEA from Trend Micro to talk us through how we can further protect our data online. 

Device Security Ultimate keeps you browsing safely online by protecting you from all current and emerging threats. Secure multiple devices with antivirus, malware, ransomware, and spyware protection as well as protect webmail services against scams and phishing attacks.

Device Security Ultimate Trend Micro | Comprehensive Security Solution

Also on the show is Xavier Orr, CEO and co-founder from Advanced Navigation. He walked us through a good software you can explore for our drone-savvy listeners – the Cloud Ground Control. 

Whether you’re a drone fanatic or you just love the idea of experiencing the thrills of drone flight – a new online platform called Cloud Ground Control is making it easy to remotely control multiple drones and robotic vehicles through a web browser, all at once! And it’s developed right here. At the moment, only the drone pilot can view the video footage when flying. CGC allows multiple friends to watch the footage in real-time, easily, from any internet connected device.

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