Life & Technology – 2GB 17th September, 2022

With some big sporting events coming up, now is the best time to talk about how to properly choose the right TV for such events. 
We invited Jason Carrick Sales General Manager from TCL Electronics Australia to talk us through what features you should eye for. 

The TCL C835 Mini-LED TV is the premium mini-LED offering from TCL. Available in 55/65/75” for $1999/2999/3999, it offers great colours, performance, and sound compared to its QLED and QUHD cousins.

Let’s start with the tech. Mini-LED is brighter and has a denser backlight system behind an LCD panel. Tens of thousands of mini-LEDs (actual numbers not revealed, but it has 240/288/360 controllable dimming zones) shine through a Quantum Dot (QLED) colour enhancement layer and then through an LCD TV panel. READ MORE

 Also on the show this week, we had Alex Choros Managing Editor from Whistleout who got a hand on the newly released iPhone 14 and discussed his initial review.

Apple introduces iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus - Apple (AU)

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