Life & Technology – 2GB 23rd Sep, 2023

Brad Marshall is coming back to the show and talk about Screen Hygiene tips.  

Brad Marshall AKA The Unplugged Psychologist has spent over a decade at the cutting edge of healthy screen use. But don’t be confused by the name, Brad is NOT anti-technology.
We also spoke with Peter Roberts Data Engineer from Advanced Navigation and discussed some amazing news in using AI underwater.  

The company’s revolutionary subsea drone, Hydrus, is a fully autonomous vehicle that simplifies undersea expeditions for research, surveying, and exploration. Using cutting-edge technologies like its AI navigation system, cinema-grade camera, and sophisticated AI-image processing, Hydrus can capture exceptional footage and data underwater. 

Sonos Move 2 – portable oomph anywhere (sound review)

What is the difference between Sonos Move 2 and Move?Stereo – two tweeters for clear left and right channels (mono)Twice the battery life – up to 24 hours (up to 12 hours)BT 5.0 via Sonos S2 App (BT 4.X)New touch control and volume slider (older style)Physical Mic mute switch (no)USB-C – Ethernet and AUX (No)New Olive colour (Sonos online) as well as White and Black (Grey)Alexa and Hey Sonos (Google Assistant missing)2675g (2615g) 
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