Windows 7 With Kerri-Anne

Clip courtesy of the Kerri-Anne Show

Spoke with Kerri-Anne about a few of the applications of the Windows 7 operating system that has just been released by Microsoft. I like the new iteration of the software, and most techies seem to approve, which is more than can be said about versions of the past (remember Windows ME?).

Couple of things to remember: Parents can be administrators on all the computers in the house. Kids will hate this, but this will give parents the ability to decide how much time a kid spends on the computer, or what rating a game is that they are playing on the PC.

Then there is the touchscreen capabilities of the new software. If you have a PC with a touchscreen, you can then use your computer without having to use a keyboard. I don’t recommend you doing this if you are writing a thesis, but if you

For more info on the operating system go here.