New LG Watchphone on 2UE

I finally got my hands LG’s new watchphone, which is about to hit the market. This is outstanding technology and I believe it will be hot to trot within the next 18 months. It has 3G capabilities, and you can bluetooth to an earpiece, or there is a speaker that you can talk into.

Steve mentioned that a woman wearing a Cartier watch would hardly be interested in one of these due to its size. I concur, but there was a time when mobile phones were the weight and size of a brick, and if there is one thing that is certain, it’s that technology is always changing.

Darren asked if he could get a mobile printer for his handset. He can, but he has to remember to make sure his iPhone is set up for bluetooth, has a rechargeable battery and that he can get a printable driver via the iPhone.

James, Lynn and Pam were all having set-top box issues with their digital gear. What people need to remember, unless there is an actual manufacturing fault with your set-top box, it will not be the problem. It is your reception, so therefore it is a aerial problem so you will have to get a technician out to have a look. I also mentioned that by 2013 the Federal Government has said it will stop analogue broadcasting, so digital television is here to stay.

Steve asked if he could download the details from his old Palm Pilot handset to his new iPhone. As long as the details are already on his PC, or he has the original Palm dock, he can. Just import the folder into iTunes and then export it to the iPhone.

Jeff was looking to upgrade his video camera. Prices have really dropped in this area of consumer electronics and there is a tonne of good gear out there from the usual suspects – Sony, Samsung, Panasonic etc. I did advise that you get one that has steadycam, to stop those jerky movements, as well as 1080p resolution.

Finally, Norman was looking at getting a blu-ray player. A good time to get one, with a huge range out there. You should be able to get a decent one for about $300.