Today Show: Smartphone Battery Solutions

Today Show – Smartphone Battery Solutions  



Tired of your smartphone battery dying when you’re out on the run?


On the Today Show Charlie took us through some of the options out there to keep that battery lasting.


Here are his top 5 picks:




This is a durable, ultra-thin case which recharges your phone's battery. It's strong enough to guard your phone against every-day wear and tear and sleek enough to slip in and out of your pocket. It has a built-in standby switch allowing you to choose when you want to use the juice pack battery or save some power for when you really need it. Avoids the hassle of having to carry around a whole extra charging unit


Cost $109.95 (Available from Harvey Norman) 


Discgo Charger


A portable charger being used throughout restaurants and bars to allow patrons to charge their phones, it can charge two phones at once. Means you won't have to leave your phone anywhere you don't want to. It has the same charge rate as plugging your phone into a wall socket. The Discgo app will tell you via GPS which establishments provide the service near you.


Cost: Available free at participating establishments


Momax Charger


The Momax iPower GO+ External Battery Pack offers 11200mAh capacity, which is enough to charge your devices like smartphones and tablets multiple times, with a dual USB output that lets you charge 2 devices simultaneously.With a Dual USB output, the Momax iPower GO+ External Battery Pack can charge up to 2 of your digital devices at once, including most smartphones, PDA's and Apple devices like iPod, iPhone and iPad. Fitting into your palm, this Battery Pack is the perfect travelling companion when there's no powerpoint in site, with a whopping capacity of 11200mAh to give you that battery juice when you need it.



Cost: $99.00 (Available from Harvey Norman) 



Plox Charger


A lipstick sized charger that has ultra-portability as its biggest advantage. If you're ever running low on charge simply plug your phone into the Plox Energy Stick and it will charge it back up for you.

It’s got enough juice to charge your iPhone or iPad for two full charges. The Plox Charger is compatible with a range of products including the iPhone, iPod, Blackberry, Nokia, HTC, Sony, Samsung, LG, PSP and more, meaning that regardless of your device the Plox Energy Stick has the adapter for you.


Cost: $48.00 (Available from Harvey Norman) 


Hustle Clutch & Bag


Hustle has developed the world's smartest bag. For women, the Hustle Bag is small enough to fit inside your bigger, everyday handbag and big enough to be worn on its own as a clutch or cross body bag. For men, Hustle has designed a wallet to hold your cards, cash and travel documents – and of course power your phone. A Hustle Bag can power your phone all day and night and alert you when it's running on empty. The Hustle Bag comes with a wireless charging pad that charges the bag back up when you place it on it.


Cost: $199.00 – $249.00  



Don’t want to buy a battery extension accessory?


Here are some tips for extending your smartphone battery life


·         Turn that brightness down – a smartphones LCD screen churns through battery life – keep it at its lowest level.


·         GPS and Map functions are some of the biggest phone battery killers – make sure your phone isn't running them when you don't need them.


·         Get rid of all unnecessary apps   – they clog up your phone and your battery.


·         There's even an app that will diagnose your battery issues to find the cause of the problem – Battery Doctor


·         Keep your phone cool – yep – batteries work best in cooler temperatures – sticking it in the sun is not only unhealthy for your phone but also kills your battery life. The same goes for sticking it in the smallest pocket in your tightest jeans – keep it loose, stick it in the bag and it will last that much longer.


·         Turn on push notifications for essential contact services like email, this stops the phone searching the server every 5 minutes


·         Some smartphones offer automation tools which let you say, turn off wifi or mobile signal after a certain time – kind of like putting your phone in an induced coma – check out Tasker.


·         Don't use wifi when you don't need it – a phone searching for signals is a battery killer.


·         If you're a big music streamer or dropbox user only sync when you're in wifi, doing this over cellular will not only kill data but also your battery life