All New Season of CyberShack TV – what you've got to look forward to!

All New Season of CyberShack TV – what you’ve got to look forward to!

Episode 1 kicks of this week, Sunday the 17th of November at 10:30 am – straight after the Financial Review on the Nine Network.


With 6 episodes this season it’s full of all your favourite gadgets, technology news and reviews.


I’m really excited to announce some of the highlights:


Cybershack and Tough Mudder? You heard right – we went to the world’s most extreme endurance test and tested out SanDisk’s storage devices to see if they could survive the toughest conditions. In this four part series you’ll see both the contestants and the devices pushed to the limit


We’re reviewing the best in portable computable technology with the Surface Pro 2, the Asus Trio, the LG G-Pad and the Toshiba Encore all getting the Cybershack road test.  


Cybershack scored an exclusive interview with the inventor of the USB, Ajay Bhatt; he’s the first guest in our series of game-changing moments in technology where we are also taking a look at the world’s first Attention powered car!


We’ve also had a look at the best in smartphone carriers – finding out which service is right for you. Vodafone’s $5 roaming charge has changed the way we use our mobiles overseas, will the other providers follow suit?


As smartphones become the dominant means of communication we explored the options to provide the best possible levels of protection. With help from the experts at Trend Micro we’ve come up with solutions to safeguard your smartphone life.


With 4K now becoming the TV resolution that everyone wants, Cybershack tells you what 4K resolution actually is, how you can best equip your home and how studios such as Sony Pictures are upgrading all their content so as to meet the expectations of a 4K audience. It’s exciting times in the world of TV and Cybershack is right there to guide you through it.


This year also marks the return of Cyberthreads where we partner technology and fashion. This unlikely duo has found new life in wearable technology; find out how Australia’s top young designers are integrating technology into their latest creations.


Our friends at Harvey Norman have also provided us with a comprehensive list of must haves for Christmas – we’ll take a look at the Yamaha Sound Bar, the Sony UHD TV, school tablet accessories and the latest in Personal Video recording technology.


Cybershack will also be live from the biggest technology show in the world; CES 2014 in Las Vegas! We’ll be bringing you daily updates, reviews and interviews from the most exciting technology brands in the world.


Cybershack TV starts this Sunday the 17th of November at 10:30 am on the Nine Network