Today Show – Protect Your Wifi + 2GB

Spoke with Leila about protecting your wifi from unscrupulous folks who try and not only use your monthly bandwidth allocation, but even try and download some net nasties onto your desktop. Here are a few hints when doing so:

  • First, change the default password on your wifi
  • Use strong encryption passwords (no birth dates etc)
  • Enable a firewall
  • Don’t leave your network open
  • Turn off wifi when not using it

I also spoke to Alex Parsons, director of marketing and MSN products at NineMSN, about the different types of security you can have on your browser mail such Hotmail and Gmail. He stated that he is still surprised at the number of people who use basic passwords such as 1234 or even the word ‘password’ as their number.

Security tools for Hotmail include a new one that allows you to mark a friend’s account as hijacked if you believe a mate’s account has been phished and the password stolen. It will then send off the info to Hotmail’s security people who will help your friend reactivate their account.

Some people also state that they think the service is slow, but this is due more to the speed of the connection than the service.