At the PMA Expo In Sydney

I visited the PMA exhibition in Sydney this weekend and had an outside broadcast where I spoke to Luke who was back in the studio.

I am a keen amateur photographer, so it was a lot of fun looking at all the gear on display. Cameras are certainly getting better and better in quality and the amount of features they have on offer.

I also spoke to Jasin Boland, who has a nice little life being a stills photographer for movies, including those coming out of Hollywood. He has worked as the stills photographer on a number of movies including the Green Zone and Bourne trilogy. As he said in the interview, he is probably the first contact you see when you are walking down the street and see the movie poster.

His advice for those who are taking shots is to take your time. DSLRs, which are a step above your normal point and shoot-type camera, have a screen at the back of the camera, so you can easily see what the picture will look like before hitting the button. One of the great redeeming features of digital cameras is that the only thing you have to worry about is battery life – not that long ago, when people used film, a bad shot was a wasted shot. That’s not the case these days. So take your time and get some great shots.

My product of the week on air was the LG Optimus 3D smartphone, which as the name suggests is 3D enabled. But what I really like about it is its screen – it gives off nice, clean, sharp images