Today Show Nov 11

An interesting show this morning with an eclectic bunch of gadgets including LG’s watchphone, a mini projector from BenQ and a mini digital television from Aussie company Laser Corp.


LG’s watchphone, while a little expensive certainly seemed to excite Karl. At $2,299 it will certainly pique the interest of those who are in the higher salary bracket. Compared to a smartphone, its features are pretty basic, but I do like the touchscreen aspect of it. Also, one has to remember that these types of products usually start out expensive due to the R&D that goes into them in the first place. I’m expecting features to increase and the prices to go down over the next few years.



We also looked at Laser Corps mini digital television. I like the little unit, although there is a problem with the picture dropping out on occasion. However, the picture itself is excellent, but you would expect that from a digital signal. Units cost between $200 and $300 depending on the unit you choose to buy. Handy for the caravan, or if you want to go to the cricket and see the replays. Get online here – ShoppingSquare



Finally, there was BenQ’s Joybee mini projector, which looked really good on the show. It’s a little pricey at $899, and that could turn a few people off, but the technology in it is amazing. It is a DLP, which means there is no lamp, but it does have a light life of 20,000 hours. Like a lot of televisions there is a lot of functionality in that you can plug in a USB with a movie or TV show, or JPEG’s, but with this you can have your screen anywhere from 20 inches to 85 inches. Where this has it over similar media is that it is very small and compact, so that like the Laser mini television it can be taken anywhere.