Binocular With Camera On 2UE

Had some good questions on the show today and some interesting gadgets. Showed Steve a freebie I got from a PC Tools event I went. A pair of binoculars with a camera attached. You take a look through the binoculars and take snaps of anything that you have zoomed in on – great for sporting events. There are probably privacy issues surrounding this one.

Also had a look the BenQ Joybee mini projector. I really like this unit because when I say it is mini, it really is, mini. A bit pricey, but it has LED technology as a light source, as opposed to a lamp. You can have the screen up to 85 inches, and you can play a digital movie via the USB connection, and also connect to the laptop.

Samantha had an interesting problem in that she had a generic brand of DVD/TV player whereby the disc became stuck at wouldn’t come out. She even got a technician in to try and fix it, but to no avail. I would suggest taking off the screws at the back and try and solve the problem that way. Outside of that, it’s a goner I think.

Irene’s son had a water bottle leak in his bag, which stopped his iPod from working. It still doesn’t work. I have this old trick whereby you get an airtight plastic container, put the wet device in it, and full the container with the silica gel tabs you get when you buy stuff like shoes. You then leave it in their for a couple of weeks – out of the sun, but with a little ventilation – and all the moisture will be sucked out of the device. If this fails to fix the problem, I fear the iPod has suffered a fatal meltdown.

Tracey was asking about a notebook. For the price she was looking at, I suggested an HP, Toshiba or Lenovo notebook for her purposes.

Glenda is going to Kuala Lumpur and was wondering about buying and iPod and buying games. I think that if you want to buy stuff overseas, go for it, but you have to be aware of warranties. Some companies offer international warranties on things, but others do. I suggest that be the most important part of the purchase.

Finally, Tony asked what gaming console would be suitable for his four and six year old kids. I’d go for the Wii, because it has a lot of family-friendly games.