Today Show: Latest Smartphones

On Tueday Morning I chatted to Karl about the latest Smartphone innovations from LG, Blackberry and Sony, as well as some of the rumours surrounding Samsung's S5 release. Here are the details: 


LG GFlex 


The LG GFlex is the latest flagship smartphone from LG. The phone is designed to match the natural curve of the human face, and unlike most smartphones, it’s home button is positioned in a slightly awkward position at the back of the handset. Despite snappy processing power, the GFlex lets itself down by only running the previous version of Android, Jelly Bean. But that’s not really what this phone is about.What gets most people exited are its two key features. First we tested out its self-healing capabilities. After giving it some significant key scratches, the phone effectively self-healed itself within minutes.Next, we checked out its flexibility.After applying different levels of pressure, from a single hand to a full elbow, the GFlex emerged without a dent.So whilst it might still be a novelty with an expensive price tag, it’s well worth watching the development of this technology over the next year. 




BlackBerry Phones can now run apps made for the Android Smart Phones. Blackberry has released a new update (officially called 10.2.1) to its operating system that allows the handset to run apps made for Android smart phones. Up until now BlackBerry made a great phone, but was losing the smart phone battle because of they had no apps. Think about why you love your iphone or android phone, loads of great content is a key part of the offer. Now, BlackBerry can play ALL your favourite apps. If anything was going to save BlackBerry from certain death, this was it! Why not just buy an Android handset? BlackBerry phones are still used by a very loyal customer base, including those users and groups that need the highest level of security possible. The software update now means that smart phone users can have the world’s most secure smart phone, with the world’s most popular apps. More importantly this update means that the BlackBerry is once again competing with the iphone.There is one area where BlackBerry does not compete and that is battery life. The Z30 BlackBerry will last 20 hours on one charge, how long does the iphone last? Optus and Vodafone handsets are already receiving the update now, with Telstra to follow in the next few days


Sony Z1 Compact. 


Sony has announced their most powerful smart phone yet and for me, this is a phone perfect for Mums. Why? As smart phones seem to get continually larger, this handset has shrunk is size. It’s not too big, fitting comfortably in your hand. But it comes with a camera that leaves the iphone for dead. Sony has in the past supplied the colour processing chip to the iphone, but has now chosen to keep the technology for themselves. Its waterproof for when you drop it in the pool or want to take pictures at the beach. The handset is set to launch in the next couple of weeks 


Galaxy S5 Rumours 


Body: There are several rumours surrounding the body of the S5. One of them suggests that Samsung will finally go metal with the S5 while another said that the Korean manufacturer will offer two versions of the S5 – one with a plastic shell while the other having a metallic body. (See details here:


Processing: According to rumours, the S5 will match Apple’s iPhone 5S in terms of processing power with 64-bit processors. The CPU’s will still be made by ARM and should perform at the better if not at the same level as the one in the Galaxy Note 3. CPU clock speeds are rumoured to be at the very least 2.5GHz (same as the Note 3). The phone is also rumoured to have at least 3GB of RAM with other sources claiming the phone can get up to 8GB


Display: Display is expected to have 2K resolution (2560 x 1440) in an LCD panel as opposed to AMOLED in previous Galaxy S models. Display size is rumoured to be at 5 to 5.2 inches. (see details here:


Camera: The Galaxy S5 will reportedly have a 16MP camera with OIS (Optical Image Stabilisation) just like the LG G2. There are also news that are saying that the camera on the S5 will sport Samsung’s new ISOCELL sensors that should improve colour reproduction even in low light conditions. (reference:


Software: The Galaxy S5 is expected to run the latest version of Android – version 4.4 KitKat with an updated version of TouchWiz that now sports a tiled-based interface (looks similar to HTC’s BlinkFeed). (


Fingerprint and Retina Scanners: Rumours have it that Samsung is allegedly working on putting a retina scanner in the S5, but that news was apparently dismissed when Samsung told the Korean Times that the company isn’t developing the technology just yet. There are also rumours that a finger-print scanner would be added to the S5.


Announcement date: The Galaxy S5 is expected to be unveiled in either the company’s unpack event in MWC this Feb 24 or at a separate event in March either in London or New York (The Barcelona event is believed to be the more likely though). Samsung’s Official Facebook page has officially posted their invite for the event.  (