Today Show June 3

Motion Sensor Gaming

Huge news out of E3 in LA yesterday when Xbox rolled out its latest gaming technology, which I touched on a little bit yesterday. Project Natal is an awesome new motion control sensor that will do away with traditional controllers. It uses cameras and sensing technology to follow your movements – whether you’re playing soccer, shooting, or running, it will convert your actions onto the video screen.

I think it is probably one of the most exciting developments in gaming history and will give the original motion masters at Nintendo a run for their money. I’m confident that this technology – as long as there are no major bugs – will set the standard for the next decade or so, in gaming. Expect it out just before Christmas, or for it to make a big splash at the beginning of 2010.

Bing It On!

As mentioned on this blog a couple of days ago Microsoft has a new search engine called Bing, which goes live today. We demonstrated some of the more interesting aspects of it on the Today Show this morning.

This includes the ‘hover’ function that allows you to get at brief glimpse of what the website is about. You can also get a preview of a video before clicking through to the website. This is a handy feature for those in a hurry, especially if the browser is slow, or your connection is bad.

Overall, there isn’t a heap of difference between it and the main player in Australia, Google, however give it a crack. It certainly has a more colourful interface than similar products.