Gaming About To Head Into A New Dimension

Exciting times ahead for the gaming world as Microsoft announced “Project Natal” at the E3 gaming convention in Los Angeles.

When Nintendo got the ball rolling with its motion controller it opened up a whole new way of playing games, and the Japan-based company reaped the rewards by having the number one selling console with the Wii, as well as gaming publishers knocking down its door to get a piece of the action.

While Microsoft and Sony have been trailling with their big consoles, Nintendo has been making bucket loads. I reckon the balance of power is about to change with Project Natal.

So what is it? Well, we saw the technology in Minority Report, and it’s somehow fitting that Steven Spielberg, who directed that film, introduced it at Microsoft’s press conference at E3. Basically it gets rid of the controller and allows gamers to use hand gestures to browse their dashboard, launch games by talking, and delve into all sorts of onscreen action by using arms, legs and head.

A small box will sit under your television set, which is connected to the Xbox 360. An array of gear sits in the box including a depth sensor, multi-array microphones and custom processors amongst other things.

It certainly makes all other controllers seem redundant, and if the stunned reaction of the gaming press (who are well-known for their blasé nature when it comes to new technology) is anything to go by, Microsoft are on to a winner.