Today Show Apps – Appy Couple; PetResuce and Dressify

I was on the Today Show this morning talking to Lisa about a variety of new applications for your smart device that are designed to make everyday life, and certain important decisions, a lot easier.

Appy Couple
First was the Appy Couple app, which is a wedding app that takes wedding guest engagement and interactivity to the next level, with features that will transform the way you involve everyone in the planning, the fun, the celebration of your perfect day.

It is an interactive app that allows you to share the story of how you met, the proposal, and why you’re so perfect for each other. You can introduce your wedding party – ie how they’re connected to you. It’s a way to bring everyone together so the event is more personal and fun for all. You can even hare the moment with people who can’t travel to join you can see the pictures as guests upload them, in a real-time stream. Even those who don’t have smartphones can see the pictures in the gallery on your free coordinating website.

Guests can upload pictures to Appy Couple throughout the evening – you won’t have to wait for uploads to picture sharing sites, or emails with attachments.

You can even use custom polls to answer those burning questions, such as Should we throw the garter? Or, buffet or sit-down dinner? or just for fun: Which bridesmaid will catch the bouquet?

PetRescueNext is PetRescue, which is a non-profit organisation dedicated to rehoming lost and abandoned pets. The PetRescue website is the largest searchable directory of rescue pets in Australia. They have saved over 120,000 animalsThis app allows you to:

  • adopt a pet from your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Including a Search function of course!
  • find a shelter to volunteer at, including fundraising for the shelter.
  • become a foster carer and look after a pet (or pets) temporarily until they find a permanent home.
  • find pets that need transporting.
  • view PetRescue News
  • find out info about PetRescue and other useful information.

Finally there is Dressify, a “dress sense” app for dads. The App tackles one of the essential parenting dramas for dads – “how to dress your child to get wife approval”.

Dressify was developed as a result of feedback received from dads around the world who mentioned that they frequently argue with their partners about how to dress the kids. While some believe a stripy top and polka dot skirt is the perfect outfit for their little princess, Dressify takes the guesswork out of fashion altogether. The Dressify App uses face recognition and a proprietary “dress sense” algorithm to judge the outfit of kids. Users of the app simply take a photo of their child and Dressify calculates a result in seconds.