Today Show – 12th of March, 2009

Karl and I discussed some ideas on how not to over spend when buying popular technology products. We picked three items and I’ve expanded on what was discussed this morning:

1) Printers –

Recently, I bought a new printer and the store clerk showed me two printer options. The cheapest printer by retail price was unfortunately going to cost more over the long run because, although the amount of paper prints it would carry out per ink cartridge were equal, the more expensive machine printed more pages per cartridge. So, over the three to four year life span of the printer, the more expensive option would have cheaper operating costs and therefore cost me less money.

When choosing a printer look at all the models in the store, then check the cost of each cartridge; then check how many pages you can print per cartridge. Sure read reviews and expert analysis on the best performing models, but this quick guide will help while you are in the store staring at the display cabinet.

2) Mobile Phones –
Heavy users of mobile phones will know that it’s easy to spend hundreds of dollars a month on a plan. However if you love your smart phone, and make plenty of calls try out check out this plan from Optus. It’s the ‘Timeless Plan’, Click the link Here

3) Home Entertainment cables
With the world of ‘High Definition’ arriving in our lounge rooms a few years ago a new format of cable arrived too. HDMI is the cable that carries the Hi-Def vision and crystal clear audio from your Blue Ray player, and most other devices that plug into your screen. Choice Magazine has done a test showing that a generic cable is just as good as a name brand, but cost hundreds of dollars less.

To watch the segment with Karl Stefanovic please – Click Here