Australia's Fastest Broadband, If You Live In The Right Street

100mbps per second internet download speeds are coming to Melbourne streets by Christmas, and next year to homes in Sydney, Brisbane and Perth (and Adelaide too I think). That is provided that you have a Foxtel cable outside your house.

In the wake of Telstra no longer being in the running to build the National Fibre To The Node network, Telstra CEO Sol Trujillo is pushing the accelerator on installing new fixed line infrastructure that will allow massively fast downloads.

The benefit? Fast downloads. The price? Nothing announced just yet. However you can bet it will be priced above the 30mbps service cost Telstra already offers which is $130 a month for 60 gigs of download. Who cares though, if you want the service you will pay for it.

But what will paying a premium for an internet service around four to five times faster than the fastest ADSL2+ service mean for you? Yes, there is going to be lot’s of reactions from the ISP industry, so better competition will be in the market. But plug in your modem and switch on your pc and with 100mbps you will have the opportunity to live a complete digital life!

No tv antennae needed because tv shows can be watched live via the internet connection. No phone line via the phone plug on the wall because that service too can come via the internet connection too. Download movies, software, higher resolution video conferencing and more, will be greatly improved with a much faster connection.

The big thing will be price, upwards of $130 a month for the service, and about $30000 for all the relocation costs of moving house to another location in the suburb if Foxtel is not in your street. Look out for more developments later this year.