The Warm Feeling When You Buy Mobiles Outside Australia

Can buying a consumer tech product from overseas harm your health? It’s all over the TV and newspapers at the moment about the benefits of buying online. But so far I have not seen anything about the real impact of buying some popular consumer tech goods from overseas.

 You know about the benefits such price, choice and enhanced product features. And most likely you know about the dangers such as No Warranty, incompatibility with power sockets and more.

However, I have heard nothing about how selling a product in Australia requires certain standards to be met for that item to be sold. This is the most relevant for mobile phones. The standard we have in Australia says that radiation emitted from the phone can not be above a level decided by the Federal Government to keep us safe. Many countries in Asia don’t have this standard and buying a phone from a market in downtown Bangkok could be playing roulette with your health.

The problem with high radiation is that it has a potential health impact over long periods of use. The benefit is that your phone will achieve clear call quality and much lower call drop outs.

You think you have a great phone, and you might just be one of the lucky ones. But, I can tell you that I would never hold a phone next to my head that is not being sold to Australia Standards. You could get the phone checked for it’s radiation output, but the cost would reverse any price benefit from buying it in the first place.

Think about the real cost before you buy a phone overseas. There is no protection for you by doing so.