Beware – Windows7 Risks Are Out There

Cyber Criminals, hang your heads in shame! Not 48 hours after the release of windows7 and already these cowardly crooks are trying to hoodwink us all into parting with our precious details under the guise of remaining compliant with Windows. There is danger in this data. Let me show you the tell tale sign that screams ‘Wrong Way – Go Back’ so you can ensure you don’t get CyberScammed!

Just now, arriving in my email is a note with a heading – “Microsoft has released an update for Microsoft Outlook”. The email goes on to say that I need to up-date my Outlook and can do so by clicking on this link – “”.

Looking a little closer, it is clear this is nothing more than another attempt to get me to install malware on my pc. When I look at the html code in the website address, and sneak a peak at the real address I will be visiting to download this so called ‘up-date’, I see I will visit – “”.

Um, OK – this is different to where the email says I am going, isn’t it! I was supposed to go Microsoft, but infact will be going to ‘’.

CyberCriminals are clever, but not that clever on this occassion. Be warned people, Windows7 is here and if you want to act on the release, visit a PC software retailer, not a dodgy website.