The 2008 Webbys

This morning on Today we talked about the Webby Awards; the video clips that were notable and those that were not!

In the notable class was the ‘Obama Crush’ music video that made it’s creator an instant star, well, a web star. The video clip was not only watched by over 8 million people online but saw loads of parody clips made that helped push the hype – Watch It Here

In the not so notable mentions was the online world wide attention focused at Corey Delaney. The interview between Leila Mckinnon and Corey Delaney on A Current Affair was the video clip example used when discussing the mention. There is no official listing of the not so notable mentions in the Webbys, they do however read them out at the award’s ceremony. This clip was mentioned because of the massive amount of internet hype Corey achieved following his house party, and the ACA clip was the best example of this – Watch It Here

The Webbys, in their current form started in 1997, fast becoming an annual award event promoting excellence in the world of the Web.

Check out the winners’ list for all the nominations and winners, and let us know which were your favourites.

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