Bring On The iPhone Killers

Now that Australia is confirmed to have the iPhone from July 11 it is time to save our cash and decide do we get an iPhone or an iPhone killer?

Samsung are hosting a local mobile phone roadshow today (Thursday), to show off all the different phones they are bringing to Australia this year. I’ve been reading a number of unconfirmed reports on the web about a new touch screen phone from Samsung that will do all that iPhone does and more, I look forward to seeing it – hopefully today.

Competitors for iPhone are few and far between. HTC has the ‘Touch‘ which is a great phone, but has not come close to capturing the minds of consumers like iPhone.

The hype is in the market, consumers have not yet laid down their cash – will a major CE company please stand up and show us your ‘iKiller’. If you don’t do it soon, the world will be introduced to smart phones via the iPhone, and like we learned about digital music players through the iPod, it will be tough road to walk once the horse has bolted.
So, for you is it an iPhone or an iPhone Killer?