Tablets On The Today Show

Spoke with Karl this morning on the Today Show about the release of the latest iPad from Apple. While Apple gets all the publicity on a day like today, I thought it might be a good time to talk about some of the other slates out there that sometimes get overlooked. Here are a few others that are worth consideration.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9

  • First 4G –enabled tablet
  • This means faster streaming of video content and faster – download speeds of up to 40MB per second
  • Ideal for business travellers
  • Rear and front facing camera
  • Aggregates social networks
  • RRP: $720-$840 depending on memory size

Toshiba AT200

  • One of the smallest and thinnest tablets on the market
  • Very light
  • Easy start up and use
  • Ideal for emails, word processing etc
  • Rear and front-facing camera
  • Really good battery life
  • RRP: $579

ASUS Transformer Prime

  • Excellent bright screen
  • Comes with a keyboard
  • Beautiful design
  • Can double as a PC at home with keyboard
  • Excellent battery life
  • Ideal for home office
  • $799

iPad Trends In Australia

I also recieved some research from Nine Rewards, which has been tracking Australian, as well as international, attitudes towards the iPad. Certainly came up with some interesting information. Here’s a brief overview:

  • Of the 96% of people in Australia aware of the iPad 2, 8% of them own one
  • The slate most like to be purchased by an Australian consumer:
  1. Pad – 33 %
  2. Samsung Galaxy Tab – 13%
  3. Blackberry Playbook – 8%


  • Most important factors to consider when buying:
  1. Price
  2. Cost of wireless plan


  • Why people buy iPad (respondents were allowed to give more than one answer):
  1. Internet browsing – 71%
  2. For its apps – 55%For social networking/reading books etc – 52%


  • The iPad is now being used half has much as your PC, but has overtaken smartphones in usage.