Disappointment For iPad 3 Over Lack Of 4G Coverage

I am so disappointed to hear that the new iPad from Apple will not be compatible on Australia’s 4G networks, at least not for the next few years. Australian Telcos like Telstra and Optus will be rolling out their 4G networks at a frequency of 1800MHz. The iPad will operate on the frequency of 700MHz and 2100Mhz, which is what companies like Verizon and AT &T use in the United States.

I love the iPad, it is a really good product, but this feature would be a reason to hang on to the current iPad2 for the next 12 months at least. The speed benefit of 4G vs 3G is like night and day. Once you use 4G, you will think that 3G is like dial-up internet.

I hope Apple rejig the frequency settings of the new iPad later in the year to enable customers to buy the latest tablet technology, to run on the latest network technology.

There will be some settling in the 4G market this year, but once the Telco’s are out there promoting their 4G networks you will want to use devices that use them, especially portable content consuming devices, like tablets.

Apple please change the 4G settings, your Australian fans deserve to be looked after.