Sunday 21st – Making Sense of PDFs

This weekend we spoke with Adobe evangelist Mike Stoddart about PDFs and the benefits and some of the challenges of the technology.

Obviously one of the key pluses is that you can lock the document so it cannot be changed when it is sent to the person, and it also means that it will not reflow all over the place like a Word document can. You can also put a password on a pdf document so that nobody will be able to edit it.

Some people don’t make the pdf’s properly in the first place, which can lead to corruptions. Sometimes a pdf will arrive layered and means it will take 30 or 40 seconds to generate, which can be a pain. The best way to avoid this kind of problem is to flatten the pdf, and the best way to do this is to print it to pdf instead of saving to a pdf. Their support number is 1800 614 863.

The product of the week was Kambrook’s SmartSwitch, which will save you power by detecting if your television or stereo is on standby. If it stays on standby for too long, it will switch it off, thereby saving you power. Thought it a little expensive, but not a bad idea.

Also we gave away a Uniden BTS200 speakerphone which can stream music from both Apple and Android devices.