Gadgets For Today Show – 29th August 2011

Smart Power Meter Board

  • Designed to help consumers save money and reduce carbon output
  • Featuring a built-in LCD read out, users can track how much power / CO2 appliances are consuming and money they are costing.
  • The meter board comes preset with an average rate or simply key in the dollar / kilowatt hour (kWh) rate from a recent electricity bill to see power consumption and cost.
  • It has a Smart Power function for further energy efficiency.
  • When the primary appliance plugged into the “Smart” outlet is switched off, other devices plugged into the “Green” outlet simultaneously switch off as well, eliminating standby power wastage.
  • $129.95

Digital BBQ Gas Bottle Scale

  • LCD screen displays how much gas is remaining in bottle from empty to full
  • It tells you how much gas you have by weighing the bottle
  • Easy to use – Strap it to the gas bottle and lift for instant reading
  • Bottle can remain connected to hose
  • Backlight display for use at night
  • Unit is calibrated to read all 8.5/9kg gas bottles, which are used on 99 percent of BBQ’s throughout Australia.
  • The other way to measure gas is via pressure gauge, which is unreliable because heat affects the reading.
  • Portable
  • Swap and go providers will probably hate it as people will
  • $49.95

Iphone CellSafe Cover

  • Claims to stop over 74 percent of SAR radiation
  • Will be coming for HTC and Samsung models soon
  • Made of silicone
  • It’s worth mentioning that some people believe that there is no proof that the radiation emitting from phones are harmful
  • Come in a variety of colours
  • $49.95