Steve Price Gadgets Nov 5 plus Ronan Keating

Ran into Ronan Keating at the studio this morning and it turns out he likes his gadgets too. He never leaves home without his portable iMac netbook so he can Skype his kids back home in Dublin.

I took a Sony Ericsson Aino mobile handset into the show today. We all know that mobile phones are becoming more and more functional with a huge array of different applications. But Sony Ericsson has sync’ed with Sony CE so that the unit has a Remote Play feature, which allows you to connect to your PS3 via your handset. This means you can access content on the hard drive of your PC remotely.

Spoke with Brendan, who was wondering about the iMac and how good it was. I’ve used one in the past, and do like the unit. One of the only criticisms I have is that there is no blu ray player component to it.

Deborah called and was having problems with her Linksys wireless modem not working to her sat. You really have to check the settings and check the instructions. It could also be a faulty product, in which case I’d check out the warranty and make sure you have kept the receipt!