I Picked A Winner On The Melbourne Cup

When telling everyone I know in the world about how I picked ‘shocking’ for a win on the Melbourne Cup yesterday I was immediately asked “How did you do it?” Was there a website, a formula, an App, a freeware picker? How did I do it?

Sure, I looked at downloading the Melbourne Cup App from the App Store for iPhone. However after reading the reviews I decided that unless I was going to be at the track then the App would have no value at all. So it wasn’t an App.

The web? Well, apart from showing the latest odds on TAB and a rough form guide on the various news websites I didn’t get the winners name from there.

Infact there was no technology that aided my decision. It was the old rule of superstition. The Jockey who rode Shocking was named Corey Brown. C. Brown, the same name as me, and when I am deciding where to direct $1 on an each way bet, that is good enough for me!

Til next year and another Melbourne Cup.