Send us the cash OR Fido gets it!

I’ve talked quite a lot recently about Internet and email scams and how not to fall for them. I though the subject had been done to death, and that most of the ways of trying to extract monies out of gullible people had been tried and tested.

Turns out I might wrong, with the latest coming out of Nigeria and the Cameroon now targetting the goodwill of animal lovers with their latest sick scheme – and they have done their homework, too.

What this idiots are trying to do is sell Australians dogs and cats that don’t exist via the Internet, with the veiled threat that the animal will be put down if it doesn’t find a suitable home. In one case, scammers even went to the extraordinary (although easy to do) lengths of have the logos and names of Aussie-based company put on what a person thought was a legitimate pet website.

Maybe it’s the hard financial times, but surely even if the fraudsters were successful, the pay-off would hardly be worth it, ye they seem to think so.
So, if you have any dodgy dealings with these kinds of websites, drop me a line. The more we can publicise them the better.