Gadgets on The Today Show August 25

Clip courtesy of the Nine Network Australia

Motorola Endeavor Earpiece
First up was the Motorola Endeavour Earpiece that bluetooth’s to your mobile hand set, which comes in both normal and stealth mode. Stealth mode’ uses the vibrations of your jaw to transmit what you are saying even in the noisiest environments. As a user talks, the sensor taps their vocal vibrations and converts them to speech so the listener hears your voice and only your voice. When in normal mode the unit uses CrystalTalk technology which reduces noise. It also is said to have a rapid charge by being able to generate 2.5 hours of power in 15 minutes.


Then there was the GorillaTorch from Joby. This little fellow has a set of strong magnetised ‘feet’, which means that you can put it on any metal service. This could be handy in many different ways, such as putting it on your car when changing a tyre at night. The whole point of the unit is to be able to illuminate any target, hands-free. It has bendable and flexible legs comprised of medical-grade polymer and delivers 65 lumens of white LED light.


Calvin Klein USB Sunglasses
A cute little gimmick – a pair of Calvin Klein sunglasses with a pull out 4GB USB port on the frame. It can store up to 1000 pictures; or p to 2-3 movies. I reckson these would be a great little number to take on holiday with you to store those snaps.
$299 Samsung HD Mobile
Finally, in a sure sign that mobile phone technology keeps reaching for the stars, Samsung has released the first ever mobile phone to have HD video recording. This means you can record in HD without having to have a handycam, and you can download high-quality videos to your HD TV. It also has an 8 megapixel camera (getting up to high-end camera quality), so it is a high-quality video, camera and phone in one. It will be available on Optus/Virgin/Crazy John plans.