Protecting Your House From Internet Nasties

Spoke with Karl about what you need to make your home safe from internet nasties. First you need a complete Software internet security solution that covers Anti Virus, phishing, Trojans, the whole gambit – not just one aspect of security. It will cost you about $150, depending on the term of the license and will last about one or two years. You will also need a firewall in place, which is a barrier designed to prevent unauthorised or unwanted communications between computer networks or host. Believe it or not, but some PCs don’t have this in place.

You will also need some sort of filtering process, either a standalone modem or a wireless modem, such as those offering by Netgear. Most of the Netgear wireless modems have a built-in parental guide which will not allow people to visit sites on a ‘black list’ of websites. This list is maintained by San Franciso-based OpenDNS and is updated regularly.

You also have look at behavioural guidelines. You children do have a right to privacy when they are online. This activity requires constant supervision. Another way to check if you kids have been on sites they shouldn’t, or more importantly downloaded something they shouldn’t, it is possible to check history/downloads/cookies etc on internet settings. There are free tools around to help you do even more supervision of their PC – like Norton Online Family Protection. Finally, you should always lock down internet-enabled devices, which these days can include such diverse products as smartphones, cameras, PS3s and printers. Know what devices have internet connectivity, and turn them off if you don’t use that feature.

Here are my tips on how to be safer:

a) Make sure you always have a password-enabled modem – wifi or otherwise.
b) Safety costs money – you will have to spend a little bit of cash setting up safety measure
c) You can always get help via the cybersmart website if you need guidance on the best ways to keep your consumer electronic gear and internet safe from prying eyes.

If you click on this website – you will find a one-stop shop on what services the govt has in place when it comes to cyber safety. The federal government maintains this website for Australian internet users and will even send out email alerts on the latest scams happening online.