2UE – Harvey Norman


I headed out to Harvey Norman in Belrose to talk to Steve Leibmann about several things including the politics surrounding the National Broadband Network.  There are both pros and cons to both of the main parties’ policies.

With Labor you’ll get a fibre optic cable that will cost anywhere up to $45 billion or more, but will give high-speed broadband to a large number of the community.

The Coalition’s plan involves a mixture of ADSL2 and some wireless to fill in the black spots, but the speeds would not be as consistent. Which plan is the best? It comes down to price versus service and which is more important to you.

There are a few things that need taking into consideration, such as that technology is constantly changing, and we will not know the true cost due to labour costs changing, ditto equipment costs, too. 

Our first phone call, from Graham, dealt with an aspect of the Coalition’s plan in that wireless technology is still prone to elements like weather, mountains and wind. He is right of course, and while the likes of Wimax might work in a flat city like Perth, it would not suit Sydney, which has more undulating aspects to it.

Bill has a computer that runs XP and got a phone call from people said that his computer was broken and needed fixing. It is a scam. They are pretending to be Microsoft, they are actually claim to be from a company called Windows, which gives the impression they are part of Microsoft. When Bill got to the credit card aspect of paying for the service and he said he didn’t have a credit card on him, their attitude changed. It was lucky for Bill because these guys would have done nothing to fix his computer.

Bet wanted a good digital radio and the two brands that stand out for me so far are Pure digital radio and Yamaha. My wife has a Yamaha and swears by it. As an aside, wehn you get the digital radio, you want to tune into 2UE not 2UE. because the one with a dot after it does not work.

Gordon was also looking looking for a digital radio to take up to the likes of the Soloman Islands. He has to realise that different digital radios offer different formats – there is DAB and DAB+. Steve mentioned he uses a little portable Sony unit that does the trick, so that might be the go too.

After hearing about Bill, Hattie wanted to know if his recent visit to the www.microsoft.com.au website was a scam. I doubt it very much as that is a legitimate URL.

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