Online Shopping Sites Featured On Channel 9's Today Show

Cam and I chatted this morning on Today about some great online shopping websites to try. Here are my picks below and why I think they are worth a look:

D-Store is like walking into a shopping mall department store. It has a huge range of the top brands, at great prices. I would shop here if I wanted a specific, brand name product, and I wanted the convenience of online shopping (no car parks, no que’s and I know exactly what I want)

Deals Direct is great if you want a product at a bargain price, but are ok not to get the exact model or the exact brand you would prefer. They have daily price offers across a whole range of products, so the idea is check regularly to get a bargain item.

An online site like shopbot amalgamates all the online sellers in one place. The benefit is you get the lowest online price, the negative is that if you are shopping for four different items you could be buying from four different websites, earning extra delivery fee’s etc. You are also likely to not have a relationship with the site, so you need to be extra careful who you are buying from.