Gadgets on Today – December 1st, 2008

This morning on Today we looked at four new gadgets on the market in time for Christmas. Here are the details:

Plantronics Explorer 370 –
– Water and dust resistant
– Innovative filter that blocks the wind, but not your voice
– Connects to Bluetooth phones
Loads of people are wearing ear pieces for their mobile phone so they can drive and chat on the phone at the same time. This device let’s you do that but because it is water proof, dirt proof and Shock proof you can immerse it in water, throw it in the dirt and drop it on concrete.

RRP – $89
Available at Harvey Norman

Life! iPhone Charging Case –
Read blogs about iPhone and many say that more battery life would be a bonus. They can also be damaged by dropping (as can most gadgets).
This device is a leather case that has a built in battery charger. You plug the case into the power point, then when you are out and about and your iPhone runs out of batteries, you push the ‘on-button’ on the charger and power it up again.

RRP $79
Available 1st December in Crazy John stores
Officeworks and Telechoice by 12/12.

Twin Sim Phone

Very simple solution from Anycool – one phone, with two sim cards in it.
Standard phones contain a single transceiver, while the TWIN SIM has two, allowing both SIMs to be active at the same time our phone has signal strength for two networks, you have two phone numbers, and calls can be received on either number

RRP from $400
1300 78 11 50 (7am east – 10pm west)
[email protected]