Online Freebies on Today Show

Clip courtesy of the Today Show

Had a good time with Cameron this morning on the Today Show discussing handy websites that are free, and can help you in your day-to-day lives.

First up is Windows Live Movie Maker, which allows people to make and edit their movies from videos and pictures they have taken. You can add effects, titles and music to the photos. Microsoft says it is easy to use, and after having a little go it myself, I agree with their assessment – it takes you through the various steps in an easy, orderly fashion. For more information you can go to

Meebee is a new site invented by an Australian entrepreneur, who saw a gap in the market for busy people who always seem to never find time to catch up with friends or have a busy calendar. Meebee will sync your calendar with a friends, so you can find some time to catch up. You send your friend a time and a date you would like to meet via Meebee. If your friend agrees on the time and place, you calendar is updated so you both have a time and place. This is especially useful for people who have friends that are constantly in meetings or on their mobile phone. For more info go to

Finally there is Google Wave, which is very similar to an instant messaging service, but a whole lot more, according to Google. As well as having instant convos, you can include somebody new on the conversation at any stage. If there are four or five of you on a wave at one time, you can still interact individually with people by excluding others from certain parts of the conversation. There are a heap of other features with google wave that I’m sure you’ll find handy. For more info go to

I’m off to CES 2010 in Las Vegas this week, so I’ll be sending back reports about what to expect in the consumer electronics space over the next year.