I am in Las Vegas and have 3 TVs

After a long flight from Sydney it was time to get some exercise. I thought this would be a easy thing to organise. Thank goodness I have three TVs.

I am staying at the Venetian Hotel, really swanky, really nice and I am staying here because my travel is being sponsored by Samsung. I always pack my running gear, so decided I had two choices, I could go for a run or visit the gym.

The Venetian doesn’t have a gym, it has a ‘Spa’. At the Spa they have two sections. The first offers facials, massages, sauna and they even lend you a dressing gown and sandals when you arrive. I’d have to pass on that offer, I mean how am I supposed to lift weights wearing a dressing gown and sandals? The other section has a weight room, spin room, cardio room and even an indoor climbing wall. Now I know all this because I watched the interactive Spa promotion on my in-room TV. In fact I watched it on all three at once, I didn’t want to miss anything while I was having a shower (there is one in the bathroom).

I decided to go for a run. Easy, right? Wrong!! This place is built with all roads leading not to Rome, but to the casino floor. I of course can’t go strutting through the gaming floor, passed everyone wearing their nice clothes and glittering spandex tracksuits with me in my ripped t-shirt and embarrassing sneakers.

So I am stuck in my room for now doing a range of exercises, all courtesy of the exercise channel on TV, lucky I have three of them!!