On-line Bullying At Its Worst


Anonymity on the Internet can sometimes be the saving grace of whistleblowers and those who want to vent their spleen over a certain issue. Unfortunately, it can also lead to the proliferation of cyberbullying and hate sites, as is the case with MasterChef contestant Joanne Zalm, who is the victim of a nasty Facebook Group who want her booted from the show.

As I said to Karl, one of the problems with a site like this – other than the obvious mean-spiritedness of the people/persons who set it up – is that it can sometimes take days for Facebook to take such a site down.

The company has been in the firing line over privacy settings lately, and there was a spate of pages set up at the beginning of the year being very derogatory towards young people who had recently died in car accidents.

While Facebook has vowed to get tough with such things, as of this writing, the site is still active, and an extra 70 people have joined since this morning. The good news is, that some of those who have joined are giving grief to the bullies on the page. However, despite that, it would be good if Facebook can shut the page down.