iPhone 4 With Steve Leibmann


Spoke with Steve today about the iPhone 4, which is due out here later this year, and how the US exclusive carrier, AT&T has over 600,000 units on back order already. What I found interesting is that while some of the hardware being offered on the phone is good, it’s not great. It doesn’t smash the competition like it did when it was first released. However, it will do a lot of things that the current iPhone should do, but doesn’t. Apple does have a loyal customer base, so it goes to show how well branding can work.

We also spoke of a new law coming out of San Francisco whereby mobile phone manufacturers have to tell people that their phone is bathing them in radiation. Resellers must state the levels of radiation that are put out by the different vendors’ handsets. In Australia there is already legislation in place that states how much radiation is allowable in a handset.

Lots of phone calls again. Ross wanted to know the difference between a standard plasma and Neo plasma. It was basically a rebranding exercise from Panasonic, which wants to differetiate betweens its older, more power-hungry plasmas and its new generation units, which don’t suck as much power.

Nathan had a problem with his gaming PC and he not working. It starts up but doesn’t cut through to the programs, which suggests to me it could be a motherboard problem. This is because it pulls through all the information from the hard drive and start up disk etc.

Marilyn has a Nokia E71 and she wanted to know if there was any way she could access the hash key on the Qwerty keyboard on the handest because she needs to push that key when doing Internet banking. Apparently you hold down the ‘J’ key on the keyboard to give you the hash key.

Mark is going overseas and has a three-year old who he wants to keep entertained while on the flight overseas. I’ve seen some of these portable DVD players that are so cheap now, that is what I would buy. You can use them on an aeroplane, except for taking off and landing.

Caroline wanted to know if you used a hands-free set, whether the radiation would still be the same. The same amount of radiation would be released by the phone, but the further you are away from the unit, the less you are exposed to the radiation output.

John has added a new moniter to his home network that has 1920×1080 resolution but cannot find a setting on his computer that will make the resolution work. He might have to do a driver update on his graphics card.

Also don’t forget the World Cyber Games that is being held at the Supanova Expo out at Olympic Park this weekend. We are having a FIFA 10 tournament, with the eventual winner going to Los Angeles for the World Final. Be in to win!